Pouakani Trust Wananga 2017

He Mihi Aroha ki a Koutou, 

This year was yet another great opportunity for the Whanau of Pouakani to gather together to share, understand & enjoy the many subjects of Pouakani Trust. The Trustees & staff of Pouakani enjoy every Wananga we have held, with no two being the same. 

For many who attend the Wananga this is the first chance they have had to physically visit the lands & businesses of the Trust.


We are always on the move, Friday 5pm through to Sunday 1pm is never enough time but somehow we are able to share enough to overload the minds of the young & old. This year we were truly blessed to have a magic weekend, with beautiful people. 

We would like to Thank Nunia, Joan & Mike for 'keeping the fires warm' & the bellies full, every Wananga our Ringawera are there with bells on & we so appreciate their support & presence. 

To Kevin, Beatrice & Jan, your knowledge & support for the Trust is truly appreciated. The Trustee's wish to thank the People of Pouakani, for without your commitment & support the Trust wouldn't be.

Spread the news of the Pouakani Wananga 2018!! 

Watch this space !! 

Pouakani Trust Wananga 2017

It is hard to believe that another Pouakani Trust Wananga is fast approaching. 

It will be held on the weekend of Friday 24th February to Sunday 26th February 2017.

The Wananga is free to registered members of the Trust, and by invitation, as we only have a set number of places to fill.

All participants need to bring their own clothing, blankets, toiletries and any medications. The Trust will provide everything else that will be needed, over the 3 days.

If past Wananga are anything to go by, we can expect a very memorable and totally unique experience for everyone.

Should you be interested in attending our annual Wananga please contact us through the website to indicate your interest.

Wananga Feb/Mar 2014

This year the Trust chose a new venue to serve as base camp. Being an “island” surrounded by the Waikato River – MiCamp provided a relaxed, safe and ideal backdrop to proceedings.

Friday: Day One – upon arrival, participants were shown to their allocated accommodation, and had some time to settle in. Then the formal welcome and greetings were held in the main hall where info packs and kits were given out. All were updated on the itinerary and schedule for the Wananga. A delicious tea was served and the day ended with some very lol karaoke entertainment!

Saturday: Day Two – after a hearty breakfast, we took to the vans for the road trip. This was the opportunity to visit the land based assets that the Trust administers on behalf of the people. It took most of the day and the benefit to all was evident in the sharing, learning, friendships and whanau connections that were made. Upon our return to camp, this continued with meaningful discussions amongst all. After tea the day was topped off with our skit night entertainment which truly brought the house down.

Sunday: Day Three – the final day. Morning was an opportunity to share with the whole group, thoughts, feelings and feedback. We had one last visit being to Te Miringa Te Kakara, then returned and said our farewells and goodbyes. We would like to thank all those who participated and shared their time, their thoughts, and themselves.

Wananga April 2012



Tena koutou katoa,

As you can see by the pictures, our very first Wananga for Pouakani Trust was a resounding success.

Those that managed to attend were treated to 3 days of learning all aspects of the Trust.

Some major highlights were – Our Powhiri, day twos travel and on site visits, especially the Waipohutu/Link Rd Site and its majestic views, Ranginui station partnership, Huairau dairy operation, Awhina Tours and the visit to the anchient trees on Titiraupenga Mt, the beautiful fine weather, Nunia (see image below) and her catering team who produced tasty menues that fed both the eyes and the puku, Peter and his Karaoke sound and vision set up that added that professional touch, and our hosted visit to Miringa Te Kakara.


A big thankyou to Mariata who dealt with our earlybird messages and registration queries, and those Trustees and Kaumatua that did attend, Kevin and Beatrice Were and all those who were involved both in front and behind the scenes, with your efforts and support, all of us now have memories and blessings that will be with us for years to come.

And finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank our members who found the ways and means to actually attend, for by attending you allowed us the chance to share with you and learn from you, how and what is best for this Trust and its people.

See you at the next one.

John Paki

PS You can see more images of the Wananga at the Awhina FaceBook page.

There will be another Wananga for our members later this year.

To register your interest in attending the next Wananga or to find out more, please use this contact form.

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